Sappho Wants to Save You

Kontturi, Katve-Kaisa & Ilona Hongisto (2011): “Sappho Wants to Save You” – Identiteettipolitiikasta mikroliikkeisiin. Naistutkimus 4, 6–18.

In this article, Marjukka Irni’s installation Sappho wants to save you (2007–2010) brings the authors to think about the ways in which art can contribute to queer politics. Inspired by Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari’s postulation of “a thousand tiny sexes” the article suggests a queer politics of affective micromovements. In line with Elizabeth Grosz’ “politics of the imperceptible”, the authors argue that queer art can be particularly effective on the level of tiny material movements that are felt as sensations in the viewer’s body. Thus, the article contests the established understanding of queer politics as identity politics.

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